17 Jul, 2012


Guidelines for Diet during your Air Travel

Eat Right at 35000 ft:
Many Airlines are now trying to improve their dull, unhealthy menus. Here’s how to choose a right bite on flight.
*You can state your meal preference at the time of booking the ticket through the agent.
*You can select a meal from the Special Meals category such as a Meal based on certain Medical conditions, Religious believes, Vegetarian Meals, Child’/Baby Meal, Continental, Fruit Platter Meal etc.
*Do not sprinkle additional salt on your meal or do not over indulge in alcohol and carbonated drinks on a flight as both lead to dehydration.
*It is ideal to have Vitamin C and E rich foods before you board a plane.
*On the flight a combination of Carbs and Proteins are better to choose.
*Avoid raw food. Instead of a plain vegetable sandwich opt for a grilled one.
*Avoid half boiled or poached eggs they may contain salmonella bacteria.
If you keep these points in mind, you will love the journey as much as the destination!